Writing a description

Today is our topic of discussion Writing a description

Writing a description

Look at these pictures and write the numbers of the pictures in the appropriate blanks below.


Writing a description


Writing a description

Fig : At the Sundarbans

1. Some tourists are walking inside the Sundarbans.

2. Local people are carrying ‘golpatta’ (used for making house roofs) in their boats.

3. Spotted deer are drinking water.

4. This paddle steamer ferries between Dhaka and Khulna.

5. The Royal Bengal Tiger is swimming in a creek.

6. A tourist is enjoying the scenic beauty of the mangroves and the river in the Sundarbans.

Look at the pictures and write a short paragraph for each question in Column A. Develop the paragraph using the points given in Column B against each question. No 1 is done for you.


Writing a description


Example: Where is the Sundarbans?

The Sundarbans is in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. It is spread in the southern coast of three districts Satkhira, Khulna and Bagerhat along the Bay of Bengal.

Note these words.

paddle steamer (n) – a large steamer. It is pushed through the water by the movement of large wheels which are attached to its side

creek (n) – a narrow strip of water that goes from a sea or lake into the land

mangroves (n) – trees that grow along coasts or on the banks of large rivers in hot countries

bask (v) – to enjoy the warmth and light (of the sun), e.g. Crocodiles bask on river banks. Too much of basking in the sun is not good for your skin.

herd (n) – a herd is a large group of animals of one kind. All the animals in a herd live together. e.g. herds of deer
in southwestern part ‘in’ indicates ‘inside’/’within’. e.g. Rangpur is in the north of Bangladesh.

[Notice the use of ‘on’ and ‘to’ to indicate locations. e.g. The river Dauki is on the north of Tamabil (on the border). Meghalaya is to the north of Bangladesh (outside).]

boar (n) – a wild male pig

snipe (both sing and pl) – a type of bird with a long beak. It normally lives in wet land.

Activity: Describe the sea beach at Cos’x Bazar. Use these clues?

1. Where is it?

(Give location – 160 km from Chittagong)

2. How big is it?

(World’s largest natural sand beach 120 km wide beach. stretching up to 330 meters at low tide)

3. What are the main attractions for the tourists?


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(scenic beauty: rolling waves-boats at a distance moving slowly sunset, sunrise on the waters bathing, swimming-walking along the beach collecting shells, taking photographs or just viewing the scenic beauty sitting under a beach umbrella staying at picturesque motels, cottages along the beach, enjoying fried and grilled sea-fish-shopping at the beach shopping centres)

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