Writing reports 2

Today is our topic of discussion Writing reports 2

Writing reports 2


Writing reports 2


For case 2, for example, in Lesson 7.1 above, the writer may prepare the following outline for his report.

Causes of primary school dropouts in ‘X’ thana

It is assumed that the writer has collected information about the number of primary schools, population, their occupation, literacy rate, teachers, their qualifications and commitment to their profession, enrolment rate, dropout
rate, causes of dropouts as reported by the teachers, parents, the thana education officer, student themselves.

He/she has got all the necessary data through interviews, discussions, TEO office, questionnaire, etc. Now he/she gets down to writing an outline for his/her report.


Introduction :

Purpose of the report (TOR) — size and population of the union


Number of schools-size of the catchment area for each school food for education – dropout rate causes of dropouts people’s attitude — their occupations-poverty-children’s help


Education to be meaningful to their life — students going to schools willingly

Recommendations :

Training of teachers – practical components to be included in the curriculum school hours to be convenient community involvement education for the parents academic supervision -physical structures with greater facilities


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Note these words and expressions

it is assumed –  that it is taken to be true that; it is supposed that—–

assume (v) – to take as true; to suppose

literacy rate – number of people in a country (or a region) who can do simple reading, writing and counting, e.g. The present literacy rate in Bangladesh is about 40%. This means about 40 people out of 100 can read, write and count at the basic level.

enrolment rate – number of children per 100 who get admission to a class, e.g. The present enrolment rate at the primary level in Bangladesh is about 70%. This means out of 100 children 70 are admitted or enrolled.

dropout rate – number of students who do not continue their studies for various reasons, e.g. The present dropout rate at the end of the primary cycle (i.e. at the end of class 5) is more than 50%.

dropouts (n) – students who drop out (i.e. who leave school without finishing their studies)

commitment (n) – strong belief; responsibility

profession (n) – occupation (here teaching)

catchment area – The catchment area of school is the area (i.e. the village town or city area) from where the students come to school.

Write the report on Causes of primary school dropouts in….. (your)….. thana union (based on the outline in A above)

Remember, for writing this report you will have to go to the thana education office or Directorate of Primary Education and visit as many schools as possible in your area for collecting necessary information.

Once you have got enough materials, facts, information, write your report using the format: Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Recommendations. Put charts, fact sheets, etc (if you have collected) in relevant places within the body of the report or put them at the end as appendices. Also give a bibliography if you have made use of any documents, books, journals, etc.


Writing reports 2


This report should be in about 2500 words (10 pages or so). So give a summary or abstract in about 250 words before Introduction. But write the summary after you have written the report and add it to the final draft.

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