Study Skills Review and Test

Today our topic of discussion is-Study Skills Review and Test

Study Skills Review and Test

Situation : Review and Test

Text Book

In a book generally we find 1. The title page
2. Preface or Forewords
3. Table of contents
4. The text.

Review Questions : In lessons 5.1 and 5.2 we have learnt about the different types of reading. Now answer the following questions.

1. Recall the different reading approaches.

2. What do we find in a Table of Contents?

3.1234 What do we know from a Preface?

4. Choose a test book, list down:

  • The title of the book
  • The author’s name
  • The place and date of publication Who is the book for?
  • How much information does the content provide?
  • Is the text interesting?
  • Are there pictures in the book?
  • Is there a glossary and a bibliography?
  • Are they detailed?

Show the answers to question 4 to your tutor. You can also discuss them with your friend/fellow class mate.

5. Recall the purposes of reading.

6. What sort of reading materials do we find around us?

7. What is meant by R.R.R.?

8.How can you revise?


Study Skills Review and Test



Review Questions: Answer the following questions.

1. What are the qualities of a good dictionary?

2, What can we learn from a dictionary?

3. Arrange the following words as will be in a dictionary:

Book, pen, pencil, cannon, poetry, earth, bath, furious, candle, ferocious, silent, yet, yellow, wolf, cat, umbrella, sign, signature, tune, dog, elephant.

4. Find out the different meanings for the word “bundle” showing its different uses.


Study Skills Review and Test


Reference books.

Review Questions: Answer the following questions.

1. Give examples of reference books.

2. Go to a library and find: Encyclopedias, Yearbooks, Dictionaries, Bibliographies, Atlases, and Periodicals. Make a list of them (at least 3 for each kind)

3. Make a list of Indexes and Abstracts, Special Encyclopedias, and Biographies. (At least 3 for each kind)


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Preparing for tests and examinations:

Review Questions: Answer the following questions.

1. Why should one revise regularly?

2. How would you prepare yourself for the real exam?

3. Why is it so important to be sure of the place of the examination? 3.

4. Why reading the instruction is so important?

5. Why do you need some time to revise before you submit your answer sheet?

6. How would you decide on the time for each question?

At home, take practice tests frequently to see if you can keep pace with the time given. Practice test will make you more confident about the real test.

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