The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay Writing

The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries [ in Bengali : উন্নয়নশীল দেশসমূহে আমলাদের ভূমিকা ] is a common topic in many competitive exams in Bangladesh. Today we will create a sample or essay for students. We suggest not memorising the essay but rather taking an idea and writing the essay later on by own language and style.

The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay Writing


The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay


In the modern state, bureaucrats are playing a significant role in the expansion of the government’s duty and responsibility. The duty of bureaucrats is increasing during day to day life in developing countries like Bangladesh. As modern states are welfare states, so they are to complete a great number of works. And for this, the government depends upon the bureaucrat. Both in developed and developing countries bureaucrats play a very important role.


The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay


Definition of Bureaucracy:

Literally bureaucracy means desk government. But its practical definition is so broad. According to Professor Finer, The civil is the professional body of officials, permanent, paid and skilled. Its numbers are a measure of the activities of the state and an indication of its nature.

According to Professor Ogg, The body of civil servants are an expert, professional, non-political permanent and subordinate staff.”

The father of bureaucracy Max Weber pointed out- ‘Bureaucracy is the clear-cut division of individual activities with regarded as duties interent in the office. He added that “The bureaucracy is a system of administration characterised by expertness, impartiality and the absence of humanity.

The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay


Characteristics of Bureaucrats:

  • Bureaucrats are bound to abide by the command from the top level.
  • They are governed by a principle of hierarchy.
  • Their duties and responsibilities are fixed and thereby they have to work.
  • All servants are appointed according to their qualifications in terms of examinations and viva-voce.
  • They take the job professionally.
  • Their promotion depends on merit and seniority.
  • The duties of government servants are essentially easy and routine.
  • They are capable of attaining the highest degree of efficiency.
  • They emphasize red tape, some absurd laws and their trend of work.

The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay


The Role of Bureaucrats

Determining Policy:

In our country, other countries also, bureaucrats particularize the policy of government and minister only sign. Government policies are complex. So for this work, artistic skill is a must, bureaucrats are those who have this skill.

Framing Legislation:

In Bangladesh to enact any law, bureaucrats play a very important role. Important bills that are presented in the parliament are prepared by the bureaucrats. They justify ins and outs of the bill and then it’s presented in the parliament.

Impact on the Legislature:

They supply necessary information regarding different govt. departments and organizations. Sometimes they influence the conference committee according to their own interest.

Advisers of Political Rulers:

The political leaders are elected by the people. They do not have vast knowledge about the complex affairs of the state. But it is a matter of sorrow that the duties for making policy are vested upon them. Hence the bureaucrats give necessary advice. Prof. Finer point out.’ In the morem states, the higher ranks of executive … advice the policymakers.

Mediation Among Different Groups:

Bureaucrats are many and multifaceted groups in a country. They try to get their out most privilege and interest making pressure on the government. In this situation, the bureaucrats work as a mediator and solve the problem through proper negotiations and help to maintain the sustainable situation in the state.

Implementing Legislation and Policies:

Bureaucrats not only draw up laws and principles but also sustain them. Indeed the bureaucracy is more influential in this regard. They can repeal and enact any law according to their necessity.

Keeping Contract Between the Public and Government:

In Bangladesh. bureaucrats play the role of liaison between the government and the public. They inform the people about the government activities and people inform them of their problems and want solutions. Bureaucrats surely play a vital role in information communication. They send important information from one department to another to sustain a close relationship.

The government directly depends on them for information and hence on the basis of the information, the government takes decisions. Actually, they maintain a network of information throughout the country. As a result, the government does not have to face any problem to decide anything within the state.

In Terms of the Bitterments of the State and the Administration:

The excellence of the administration of any country depends on bureaucracy. In this affair, the US philosopher John Dewey said- ‘A final important function of bureaucracies is that of their own internal management.

Development Works:

The success of various developing activities largely depends upon the bureaucrats. They devote in nation building works and plans and materialize them timely.

Implementation of Social Change:

Bureaucrats play role in social change. They help the government to understand the changing social demands and

find out the way to fulfil them.

Non-political Role:

Bureaucrats play a non-political role in their service life. But it is a matter of regret that bureaucrats in Bangladesh, to a large extent are derailed, very often they are found in liaison with the ruling political party. Sometimes ruling party oppresses the bureaucrats who do not submit themself to the whim of the ministers on leaders. We have witnessed such quarrels between ministers and bureaucrats.


The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay


The Role and Functions of Bureaucrat in Developing Countries :

In the globalization age, the role and functions of bureaucrats are so much important in developing countries. In the modern liberal democratic system bureaucracy is an inseparable part of the government. In the welfare state, the government always tries to fulfil the various demands of the people. The increasing governmental role and functions increase the responsibility and liability of a bureaucrat. So, In a developing country, the role and functions of government highly depend on bureaucrats.

According to Pro. Finer- The function of the civil servant in the modern state is not merely to the improvement of government; without it, indeed government itself would be impossible. The bureaucrat performs in favoure of the state ins and outs of the important tasks.


The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries Essay


In fine, we can say that the role of bureaucrats can not be ignored. in Bangladesh, a developing country. For this reason, the bureaucrats must be honest, responsible, controlled and corruption-free, because the selfish or corrupted persons vested with authority are as dangerous as the sharp weapons in the hands of a child. Hence the bureaucrats have a key duty to maintain a congenial relationship between the government and them for the larger interest. So, if they can avoid corruption, and nepotism and work with patriotism and an impartial political attitude, Bangladesh with improving faster.


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