National Unity for Development Essay Writing

National Unity for Development Essay [ in bengali : উন্নয়নে জাতীয় ঐক্য ] is a common topic in academic and many competitive exams in Bangladesh. Today we will create a sample or essay for students. We suggest not memorising the essay but rather taking an idea and writing the essay later on by own language and style.

Essay Writing - National Unity for Development [ উন্নয়নে জাতীয় ঐক্য ]

National Unity for Development Essay


All the developed nations of the world have achieved their targets by forming national unity. It is not possible to develop a country without mutual co-operation. In 1960, there were only two or four multi-storied buildings in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and many other countries of the world that were not so developed. But they have developed miraculously by dint of the real politics and politicians.

In those countries, both the ruling party and the opposition parties work side by side for the development of their countries and the countryman. We, the Bangladeshi before emerging as an independent nation had struggled for a long time against the foreign regime. Our long time struggle under the rule of British and Pakistani helped form our unity,


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From history:

As soon as the British left the country, Pakistani rulers started oppressing us. First of it came in dishonouring our language in 1952. Blood of our great martyrs is 21st February 1952 gave us the lesson to fight against injustice. Many poems, novels and songs were written in this context to form our national unity. Later this unity induced us to understand our rights. Six-point demands of 1966 were to establish the right of majority in then Pakistan, homogeneity of economic development and ensure participation of people of all walks of society.

Our movement in 1969 was against the undemocratic rule. The election of 1970 proved that the common people wanted a democratic regime to get economic emancipation. To get economic emancipation we wanted political emancipation for what we battle against the Pakistani region. Our independence war in 1971 was the thrust of establishing human rights, political freedom, socialistic economy, secularism as well as the development of every sector of the society. We became independent in 1971 through the liberation war.

As soon as we got independence we started forgetting the values for what we fought against evil during 1971. The rights of common people were violated, secularism could not be established, food for all could not be provided. Democracy was collapsed again and again by dictators. Thus economy got weak and dependent on the western world. Violence and terrorism become a feature of our country.


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Confrontational politics :

Consensus on fundamental issues is one of the main features of developed political systems. In Bangladesh, the aimless and valueless politics has become the order of the day. Today the whole nation is divided into two hostile camps like a stationary boat in the mid-sea with two sets of oarsman rowing in opposite direction with equal ferocity.

Nature of confrontation:

Different parties may have different views and stands regarding different issues of national importance. The confrontational character of politics discussion the following aspects:

(i) Mutual trust:

There is no mutual trust among the politicians of our country. They do not trust each other due to the fact that their commitment to democratic transition is not strong.

(ii) Institutional mechanism:

The political parties in our country have no respect to institutional mechanism of political dealings rather they prefer street. They prefer violent street agitation instead of peaceful deliberation.

(iii) Criminalization of politics:

Terrorism and violence are the reflections of political corruption in our country. Here, the terrorists are party workers. Although the parties blame each other for terrorism and corruption, in fact, all of our parties have terrorist group which they use to tackle their opponents.

(iv) Rationality:

The rationalistic value of confrontation in our politics is zero. The comments, treatments and activities of our politicians reveal that they have no respect for nationality.

(v) Vision:

BNP is not ready to recognize Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the father of the nation while AL. does not recognize Ziaur Rahman as the announcer of independence. Regarding our national identity, AL believes in Bangali Nationalism.

(vi) National identity:

At the intellectual level, AL and BNP differ whereas BNP as introduced by Zia, believe in Bangladeshi Nationalism. Constitutionally our Nationalism is settled to the Bangladeshi.

The National Martyrs' Monument of Bangladesh
The National Martyrs’ Monument of Bangladesh


National unity and development:

National unity is essential for development. All the developed nations of the world have achieved their targets by forming a national consensus. This can be exemplified by Japan. After the debacle of World War II, war-torn Japan not being rich in natural resources became an economic boom in the late 50s. They achieved their target because they got their citizens under the umbrella of national consensus. Germany becomes an economic boom because of its commitment to nationality. China the forthcoming leader of the world economy has attained this position because of their national unity.

People’s confidence in government and political institutions is an important criterion of developed democracy. It will help to create national unity and develop a country. In Bangladesh, the level of people’s confidence in government, politicians and political institutions is very low.

Our politicians should realize that they have a responsibility to build up the nation and they should pay due respect to people’s will and expectations. Our political parties and politicians must work in co-operation with each other instead of opposition for the sake of opposition.

Face to face talks:

Face to face talks between the central leaders is expected to dispel misgivings from their minds. On many issues, political leaders may talk at private as well as public levels, the talks could be informal as well as formal. Talk with open mind could solve many problem and may create national unity for development. Inter-party meetings: Frequent inter-party meetings may help consensus building among the parties. It will help to create national unity and development of the country.

Conciliatory leadership:

A conciliatory leadership is a must for building consensus among political parties and groups. Our leaders should realize that they are not only the leader of a particular party but the leader of the nation.

National interest:

There should have unity among the political parties on issues of national interest such as curbing corruption, rooting out terrorism, keeping parliament alive, helping in the developmental activities, foreign relations etc.

Media: Print and electronic media have an important role in national unity-building. They can expose the mutual relationship between the ruling and the opposing party through media coverage.

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Politics in our country is confrontational in nature where there is no cooperation, trust and solidarity among political parties. There is no unity among political parties on issues of national interest. They oppose each other only for the sake of opposition. The consensus among political parties is a must to fight against corruption and terrorism. Our political parties and politicians must work in co-operation with each other instead of opposition for the sake of opposition. Otherwise, all the achievements would be null and void.

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